April 14, 2011

Dear Friends of HTF,

On behalf of the children of Haiti and the lives that have been transformed, we thank you for your support of our work. Our mission has always been to create a future of hope, sustainability, and dignity for the children of Haiti.

In 2010 we received an unprecedented level of funds, as did most other Haiti-related organizations, in the aftermath of the earthquake. We believe that we have been good stewards of the funds that have been entrusted to us. Regular reports on our usage have been on the website and in our publications. We have been such good and effective stewards that the US Peace Corps named us as being among one of their five recommended charities for those wanting to invest in the transformation of Haiti. Recently we were recognized for our groundbreaking work in the Central Plateau of Haiti at the “Haiti: One Year Later” event in New York.

There has been much in the news about the billions of dollars committed to Haiti, bottlenecks of money flow, and scant reports of real differences being accomplished. As these reports do not apply to the work of HTF we want you to know that over this past year, with your support, we were able to:
• Graduate 116 once ultra-poor families (single mothers with three to seven children each) onto a Path to a Better Life. (Graduating families have money in the bank, a home that is weather proof, access to clean water and clean sanitation, healthy children, kids in school, and an economic enterprise for income. Most of all they have their dignity and hope.)
• Invest funds that will identify another 100 ultra-poor families in the Central Plateau and launch them next month into the eighteen month development process towards the Path to a Better Life.
• Conclude a signature and highly effective medical emergency response that saved thousands of lives and limbs in the Southeast Department of Haiti and provide clean water, food, and shelter for many displaced. (Our long established grassroots networks proved to be invaluable.)
• Create a cholera awareness and response initiative in the Southeast Department that stopped the spread of the disease. (Our last reported case in the area was in December.)
• Bring clean water to many schools and communities.
• Start the reconstruction of the St. Joseph Home for Boys at Delmas 91, Petionvile, and complete other needful projects at Trinity House in Jacmel.
• Continue to fund intentional college educations for the brightest and best among the very poor to create a class of young people who will change Haiti.
• Continue to attend to the development of the most vulnerable in Haiti, former street children and child slaves, and to raise them up towards being players in the future of Haiti.

As this report is posted, our work desperately needs your continued and generous support. As a small grassroots organization we are not in the pipeline of the large grants of funds that are divided among the large international NGOs. We have always relied upon the generosity of individual donors who see what we are able to do, appreciate our grassroots approach, and are willing to give so that we can change Haiti.

As we move forward, we are converging around intentional initiatives with the most capable Haitian partners who share our grassroots values and vision in the areas of education, development of marketable skills and economic engines, and community-based wellness in the areas we serve.

During this time of new life bursting forth all around us in the beauty of spring, can you please help us bring new life to the children of Haiti?

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Bondye beni ou! (God bless you!)

Rick Barger
Founder and Executive Director

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