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November 26, 2010

To: Our Valued HTF Partners
Re: Emergency Funds Available

Dear Partners Who Are Changing Haiti:

During this season of Thanksgiving, we greet you with much deep humility and heartfelt gratitude for the amazing work that you have been doing, especially in the aftermath of the January 12th earthquake.

HTF was fortunate to receive donations for emergency relief from not only North America but also from other parts of the world. We believe that we have been timely, wise, and judicious in the disbursement of the funds we received. In-kind gifts and the outpouring of personnel who made numerous trips to Haiti, as well as transportation and shipping we received free gratis, multiplied the actual dollars we received almost sevenfold. Moreover, certain organizations have recognized us as one of the best non-profits in which one might want to invest to change the future of Haiti.

As we look to the end of 2010, we have some emergency funds left in our possession. We know that Haiti is still in dire need in many areas. We believe that it would be wrong to not do our best to disburse the remaining funds as best and as faithfully as we can in terms of the intent in which they were donated. They have been given to us in trust.

If you have need for emergency funds, we ask that you make a request to us on your letterhead with an appropriate signature on or before December 10th. We will, of course, receive pdf formatted requests by email using the address The criteria by which you should apply and the bases for our making a decision are driven by the following questions:

1. Are lives in immediate danger?
2. Is there a critical need for basic humanitarian needs – water, food, shelter, medical?
3. Is getting relief urgent and important to you? Is the crisis for which the funds are needed a “show stopper” in terms of the forward progress of your mission?
4. Will the relief funds be restorative to you of some aspect central and critical to your mission?
5. Will you deploy the funds for the use intended without any unnecessary delay?

We hope to hear from you!

In solidarity with you,

Rick Barger



St. Joseph's Work Trips

Date 04/27/2010
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